Friday, November 25, 2011

Being a student?

To tell you the truth,i miss my school time with my friend all but what to do time pass by,age getting old and moving forward.Now i'm a student for university level :) i don't believe that i can continue my study because of my SPM result was not good.Alhamdulillah now i have been on university call University Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN) now to continue my life here at Muadzam Shah far away from my home.It's kinda sad and worried leaving my mom and dad there by themselves becaume i'm the only child in the family.So its hard when the first day i'm leaving my parents behind but im going there to continue my studies to become what i want to be as an accountant.

Now i'm studying far away so i got a new friend and learn new things.Well school and universities got their standards right?In school we all focus on final exam for grades same for university but there are not the same what i can see that 40% for final and 60% for carried mark from quiz,midterm and also assigment.Seriously this kind stress for me,to struggle getting a better pointer.Last semester CGPA grade kinda okey la,need to do better this semester :)Pray for me miss Yumni..I love my life right now.Being with my new friend and new chapter on university.Hoping that i will achieve my grade after degree and my mom dad can see me holding certificate of success.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Watch movie!!

I can still remember that day in english class,before that day miss has told us that we will watching a movie and then have to write a movie review after that.Miss tell us,that we have to pass up before leave.Supposely i have to present on that day,but i'm seriously do not prepared for anything because the topic of my presentation is timberland product,it was giving from miss Yumni.So i have to agree and do my presentation,she have give me a week to prepare but im so busy with quiz,midterm and other assigment so i tell miss Yumni,that to postpone to next week.I was so happy inside my heart can do another day.And then,we start the class by watching movie.Yeah,im so excited to watch movie with my section tittle about catch me if you can.The main character Leanardo Dicaprio from the movie of titanic.This movie about a child who have been doing a fraud after divorce of his parents when his father gave him a cheque book on his birthday.Then on his age getting older he has been doctor,co-pilot and a lawyer. In this story,his a bad guy but in the end he has been capture by a agent but at the end Leanardo help the agent by working with the government.Even he works on government his still under watch by the government in the hand he has to help less the case of fraud cheque happening around.After finish,watching the movie have to do write on review about it.For me,this movie really gives me that you can be everything if you have self confidence with yourself and do not give up.After everyone,finish writing it then pass up can leave the class.Miss said that we are writing will have mark.If i'm not mistaken(hehehehe).Thats the post for today,will be posting my last entry :) bubye peeps.

Preparation for our MUET SPEAKING TEST!

FOR WHAT I KNOW THAT IS MY MUET(MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY EXAM TEST) suppose to be on the third semester but it was confirm to be early for this semester because of some reason.Me and other friend do not prepare any for our test.What to do ready or not we all foundation have to face the fact,we cannot skip if not we have to do it with our own afterwards so its better to do it.On the day of our English class,on week three or four i can't remember,miss Yumni ask us all to practice on doing speaking because it is on that week on saturday.On that day,everyone come to class total of 29 student so its divided four person in a group of eight group but one group will have three only.So we all set ourselves,in four practiced speaking, i almost worried of doing so because i was cannot remember doing speaking barely remember.I'm on the third group doing about prevention of environment,on a topic divided a subtopic that has to be do.Mine one is about recycle,i just love that topic because its common with us all and basically know about it.Speaking test divided on two part.Part one individual presentation and part two group discussion among us to find a conclusion which is the right one.

Each of my member in a group,have to present whats their subtopic.Miss start with the first group and so goes on until the last of the group.When its my group turn,i'm the first one have to present damn i was so scare but have to prepare because this is the time i can practice myself can do on our MUET exam.Given 1 minute to read the question and prepare some draft or idea to present.And 5 minute to present,other candidate can take note what i'm saying and so I when after my turn.And then, after finish part one,moving on to part two on group discussion,to find the best topic for a speech competition but this time this given only 8 minutes so who got anything to said may speak randomly there no turn.If you got the chance you have to speak whats on your opinion saying so,whats the idea you write have to be a good point to supporting your idea or another candidate idea or not to support.But in the end have to find the conclusion if not will not get mark for not following the questions.After finish presenting our speaking,miss Yumni comment the whole speaking to improve better in next and give some idea how to improve so.Hurm...i was so worried if i cannot do my speaking test i was not prepared but since miss Yumni much effort doing this practice for all of us because she does not want her student to fail in any exam.I appreciated what she do so...


First Day Of English Class

Assalamualaikum and happy reading for my blog.The name given Mohamad Adib bin Mahmood.Date of birthday is 15.5.1993. Currently studying at Universiti Tenaga Nasional Muadzam Shah at Pahang(UNITEN KSHAS) on Foundation in Accounting.From Pulau Pinang also name "Land Of Food" because rich of  many of food :) .I have given an assignment from my lecture Miss Yumni Yasin to talk about particulary on reflection of my English class by 3 entries of post.And another 1 entry on how do i'm perceive as a student.

So for my first of entries will be starting about,first day in English class in this 2nd semester of Foundation In Accounting.Time's really flies away with awareness, since i have been here from on the month of May 2011.So  let me start post,this 2nd semester my class English is on every Tuesday once in a week about 3 hour lecture and tutorial same as last semester.I'm in class with section 2M same but this semester got new friends from another section around 5 people a new and the others are the same so its better to get a new environment and new friend.So my class start on 9 am in the morning,my god sometime i can wake up early but sometimes i will  be late in class.That's normal as student and as a human being,we need a rest from our days of  tired going class till morning until night.This semester i will get a new lecture,they say every semester will be change of lecture so that student won't get bored with them but for me this not need for changing the lecture some student prefer the lecture not to change because they can understand easily what the lecture teach.So I was so curios and wonder who is my new lecture on that morning when the first day of class.All my friends sit at their places and the door open,came a tall lady and beautiful person saying that she will be teaching my section on ENLF023 or English.She introduced herself from where she came,my lecture name is Miss Yumni Yasin from Batu Pahat and born on 25 october 1989 so she is now age of 22.

It was supposed to be Miss Rabiatul Husna teaching us but some of the lecture she going to move after she got married.Thats why im wonder who will be teaching us.Then she start the class giving a course outline for this semester and like to know each of us mostly likely usual ice breaking event among us.And then she give some rule of her class.She don't want student who is late to class because she hate comers she will lock the door to train as to be punctual with time so she ask every one to have class on next week on 9.30 am to have breakfast and no rushing.And we all agree :),mostly everyone agree on miss idea.Then,she explain what on course outline going on this semester.And then,she ask to write on a piece paper about what we expect or want with her class.So,we wrote what we want and then give to miss Yumni,can dismiss class.Thats what happen on the first day of English. :)