Friday, November 25, 2011

Being a student?

To tell you the truth,i miss my school time with my friend all but what to do time pass by,age getting old and moving forward.Now i'm a student for university level :) i don't believe that i can continue my study because of my SPM result was not good.Alhamdulillah now i have been on university call University Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN) now to continue my life here at Muadzam Shah far away from my home.It's kinda sad and worried leaving my mom and dad there by themselves becaume i'm the only child in the family.So its hard when the first day i'm leaving my parents behind but im going there to continue my studies to become what i want to be as an accountant.

Now i'm studying far away so i got a new friend and learn new things.Well school and universities got their standards right?In school we all focus on final exam for grades same for university but there are not the same what i can see that 40% for final and 60% for carried mark from quiz,midterm and also assigment.Seriously this kind stress for me,to struggle getting a better pointer.Last semester CGPA grade kinda okey la,need to do better this semester :)Pray for me miss Yumni..I love my life right now.Being with my new friend and new chapter on university.Hoping that i will achieve my grade after degree and my mom dad can see me holding certificate of success.

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